I consider myself a time traveler of sorts.  All my life I’ve enjoyed collecting things, preserving things, making displays; recovering, discovering, uncovering.  During my college years, I studied cultural anthropology and learned to knit.  And that is when I began heading down a completely unforeseen fork in the road of my life.  The knitting soon led to spinning, which is a story unto itself.  Short version: I spontaneously took a drop spinning class during Pennsic War, a medieval recreation event hosted by the Society for Creative Anachronism.  That brief introduction quickly led to dyeing, felting, weaving, carding, and so on. I was rolling down a hill and I just couldn’t stop.

After graduating from college, I got married (the wedding was inspired by a 1960’s cocktail party with the vintage dress to match) and then we bought a house (a bungalow built in 1925).  Through all of these adventures my wool has been steadfast.  When I needed to quiet my brain, I could sit at the wheel and let the steady hum hypnotize me.  At some point I began offering my knits for sale at a local arts & crafts show.  From there I established an Etsy shop to sell my handdyed fiber and yarn.  Now my hobby has grown into so much more.  These days I travel to various fiber festivals and craft shows all through Ohio and into Pennsylvania.  I love sharing my knowledge of wool.  I want to give people the chance to experience the natural variation a locally sourced fiber can offer; and enjoy the unique qualities of each breed.

So follow along as I chronicle all my adventures as a fiber artist, a small businesswoman, and an individual just curious about life.